About us

The Kashmir Council-EU has been set up to respond to concerns on three aspects of the current situation:

  • Firstly, the concern over how little coverage this long- running dispute between the nuclear nations receives in the European Media.
  • Secondly, the apparent apathy of the international community regarding the risk of nuclear conflict in the region and to the urgent need for meditation if the disputing parties are to be brought to the negotiating table.
  • Finally, the concern that the exclusion of Kashmiris from any future peace process will jeopardize the sustainability of any settlement.

Who we are

The Kashmir Council-EU is an independent non- governmental body. We are non-sectarian, reject violence, and seek to collaborate with other organisations which have broadly similar aims. We receive no funding from any political party and rely on the dedication and energy of our staff of volunteers to get things done.

What we do

  • Foster a climate of mutual confidence and respect within which negotiations to resolve the Kashmir conflict can proceed with a realistic possibility of success.
  • Develop a common agenda for political action by European NGOs to resolve the Kashmir dispute.
  • Persuade the International Community that it has a real role to play in securing an effective peace process for Kashmir.
  • Secure the repeal of the so-called ‘draconian laws’ which give impunity to human rights abusers.
  • Achieve the demilitarization of Kashmir. Create opportunities for Kashmiri youth to benefit from European education and training.
  • Support independent research and policy development on Kashmir.

How we do it

  • Awareness building and advocacy: Through seminars, exchanges of ideas, conferences, exhibitions, meetings press briefings, protests, demonstrations, walks, rallies and campaigns.
  • Research and documentation: Through leaflets, brochures, banners, press releases, news magazines, articles, letters to editors, reports, surveys and manuals.
  • Networking: Through visits, contact-building initiatives, training courses and festivals etc.