Kashmir EU Week 2014

Kashmir EU Week 2014 – Brussels

‘Kashmir & Europe: prolonging Friendship and Solidarity’ Kashmir EU Week , 8-12 September 2014

 In the venues of European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium the ‘Kashmir EU Week 2014 in the European Parliament’ is planned for 8th to 12th of September 2014 in European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. The event includes a three day Exhibition of Kashmiri art and literature, as well as an interactive Seminar and a Round Table session . Keynote speakers, interventionists and audience are MEP’s (Members of European Parliament), representatives from the South-Asian region of concern and from Diaspora, as well as European experts and scholars on (past, present and possible future of ) the Kashmir Dispute.


The Kashmir EU Week is a high-level event that aims to bring together European policymakers and representatives of various interest groups in Kashmir in a dialogue forum under the aegis of the European Parliament. For over six decades, the Kashmir Dispute seems to be deadlocked, with India and Pakistan as the most relevant nation states vis-a-vis (non-)resolution of the Dispute, and the people of Kashmir as the primary, but often ignored stakeholders in designing roadmaps for sustainable justice and peace in their home1 . To try to develop roadmaps to a future in freedom, peace and democracy, human rights defenders and political leaders appeal for international support for non-violent conflict resolution and want to be heard by international for a as e.g. EU.

The aims of the Kashmir EU Week are three-fold:

  1. The event aims to raise awareness in Europe of the evolving situation in Kashmir, especially now that a new European Parliament is elected with new MEPs to be informed, and sitting MEPs to be updated, on the ongoing conflict in the region
  2. To examine the implications of the dispute for global peace and security, and
  3. To define a role for Europe in promoting a peaceful resolution of the conflict.


As explained above, the aims of the event are three-fold. Likewise, the program of the event is three-fold as well:

An Exhibition (Tuesday 9th Sept.) of Kashmiri art, literature and poetry, next to documentation on and a photographic exposure of the plight and courage of the Kashmiri people in their struggle for justice, dignity and freedom: the exhibition aims to enlarge(ongoing) awareness raising on the (past, present and possible future of ) the Kashmir Dispute and the question if, and if yes, what role EU can play in resolving the conflict and realizing sustainable peace in the area of concern. –

-An Inter-Kashmir Dialogue and debate (Tuesday 9th Sept.) amongst South Asian guest and invitees who come over to Brussels to attend the Exhibition Ceremony and this very Dialogue Session (ca. 45): this session is as well strengthening self-organization amongst the Kashmiri who are all from various sections of Kashmiri socio-political civil society. The session has to result in the adoption of list of recommendations which will, in the Kashmir EU Week Closing Session, be presented to the MEPs for further policy-making

Two Interactive Seminars (Wednesday 10th Sept.) between MEPs (ca. 25) and high-profile Kashmiri representatives (ca. 10) from the region of concern and the Diaspora: this interaction /dialogue enlarges inside knowledge on the Kashmir Dispute for MEPs and inside knowledge of (limits of) power of EU in changing status quo in the region of concern Organisers The event is hosted by MEP Sajjad Karim (European Conservatives and Reformists Group).

Organizers of the event are International Council for Human Development (ICHD) in cooperation with Kashmir Council EU (KC-EU). ICHD is based in Brussels and lobbies in EU for nonviolent conflict resolution and peace building in conflict-torn Jammu Kashmir: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ICHD/136155289784409. Kashmir Council EU is, in collaboration with the ICHD, striving to promote the human rights of the Kashmir people as provided by the United Nations and in the framework of the international humanitarian law. A special focus of Kashmir Council EU’s lobby is the support for the Kashmiri people for gaining their right to self-determination: https://www.facebook.com/kashmircouncil.eu Important partner in the event is World Kashmir Diaspora Alliance: http://worldkashmir.org/ ICHD & Kashmir Council EU will present their Four Year Report, titled ‘A Cry for Justice, a Call for Peace. Activity Report 2010-2013’ (50 pages) on the occasion.

The report reiterates and shows that a lot has been done and already achieved, but it appeals nonetheless as well for persistence and because of the ongoing lobby, advocacy, and solidarity.

Contact details: Ali Raza Syed, Chairman Av. Des Vaillants 36, B-1200 Brussels – BELGIUM Email: alirazasyed05@gmail.com cc info@ichd.eu Cellophane : + 32 475 816337

Report available at: http://ichd.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Kashmir-EU-Week-2014-Report.pdf



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