Kashmir EU Week 2014

Kashmir EU Week 2014 – Brussels

‘Kashmir & Europe: prolonging Friendship and Solidarity’ Kashmir EU Week , 8-12 September 2014


This year’s Kashmir-EU Week took place in the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels, from for 8th to 12th Sep 2014. The event was organised by the Kashmir Council-EU and hosted by Sajjad Karim, MEP (European Conservatives and Reformists Group).

The Kashmir-EU Week has established itself as an annual feature of the programme of conferences hosted by the European Parliament. The theme of this year’s Kashmir-EU Week was ‘Kashmir & Europe: prolonging Friendship and Solidarity’. The programme consisted of a three-day exhibition of Kashmiri traditional artefacts and handicrafts as well as a two-day international conference.



For over six decades, the Kashmir conflict seems to have reached a deadlock, with India and Pakistan as the most relevant nation-states vis-a-vis (non-) resolution of the dispute, and the people of Kashmir, the main victims of the conflict who are left unheard. In this light, there is a need to develop fresh initiatives in order to bring back the freedom, peace and the democratic values, and to ensure that the most basic human rights and freedoms are being protected. As with previous Kashmir-Weeks, the 2014 Kashmir-EU Week, brought together European policymakers, political activists, intellectuals, and interest group representatives. The programme provided an ample opportunity for debate, dialogue and exchanges of ideas.

The aims of the Kashmir EU Week were three-fold:

  • to raise awareness in the European Union of the humanitarian crisis in Kashmir, particularly with the newly elected body of MEPs
  • to examine the implications of the dispute for global peace and security
  • to define a role for the EU in promoting a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


Highlights of the programme:


A cultural exhibition

The Exhibition celebrated the beauty of Kashmir and the richness of its cultural heritage. An innovation this year was the screening of a documentary that shows the plight of the Kashmiri people.


A two-day international conference

The conference revolved into two sessions where Members of the European Parliament, the civil society and high-profile Kashmiri representatives addressed the roots of the conflict, assessed the present situation and identified the following steps needed to be taken to bring all parties at the discussion same table to find a peaceful and sustainable solution.


Roundtable discussion

EU policymakers, political activists, and interest group representatives took all took part in a roundtable discussion. This session concluded with the finalisation of a resolution which consisted of a set of recommendations for the European Parliament and the EU. 


The final report of the conference is available at the following link: http://ichd.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Kashmir-EU-Week-2014-Report.pdf

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