The Team



Ali Raza Syed

Chairman Kashmir Council-EU

+32 2 280 69 94



Anthony Crasner

Secretary to the Board

+32 2 280 69 94

                   Kashmir Council-EU Secretariat


                                     +32 2 280 69 94

                               Endre Barcs

                               Press Officer     


                              +32 2 280 69 94

Cecil Shiraz Raj

Director, Alaap: Change Through Art

+32 2 280 69 94



Support Us

We understand that sometimes it is easier for most people to donate money to a charity than giving their time. Having said that there are many people who are looking for an opportunity to help others by donating their time. However, they do not know where to begin, where to go, so KC is offering a great opportunity to the people who have some spare time on their hands to come on board with KC.