Kashmir-EU Week 2018

Kashmir-EU Week 2018

As the 2018 Kashmir-EU Week ended, the Kashmir Council-EU would like to thank all those who took the time to attend the week’s consecutive sessions. This year’s conference has been one of the most successful to date and a great deal of the credit is due to the personal commitment of our hosts, delegates and all the MEPs who came to offer their support to the cause of Kashmiri self-determination. The Kashmir-EU Week has now established itself as an indispensable annual feature of the programme of conferences hosted by the European Parliament.


Distinguished guest: H.E. Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Mr. Raja Farooq Haider Khan Credit: ©ChristopherPitchers ©KashmirCouncilEU2018

Session II

Formal opening of the exhibition

Strasbourg, European Parliament and the Presss Club in Brussels

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